Get real-time marketing intelligence before you take the call.

          The Direct Response industry has not had a more powerful, more productive tool available

since the invention of the telephone. Developed and engineered exclusively by Vintage Marketing,

Intelligent Handshake® is the patented, highly sophisticated system that provides real-time

marketing intelligence at the very beginning of an inbound telemarketing call or online transaction.

Lift Conversion Rates, Boost Average Order Value, Reduce Talk Time.

What would it be worth to have accurate, caller-specific marketing intelligence on your call-center screen at the exact moment an inbound call is received? With Intelligent Handshake®, you’ll know if the person calling is a high or medium value consumer, a low value shopper, a time-sucking risk or even worse.

Knowing the buying history and characteristics of callers before you answer their call gives you an advantage you’ve never had before to not only close the sale, but raise the order value, and perhaps most importantly, not waste time or resources on callers who rarely buy or even have a history of returns and chargebacks.

To add to your bottom line by starting at the top of the telemarketing conversation – have a conversation about Intelligent Handshake® with Vintage Marketing. Contact us here.